Thursday, 12 November 2009

A Daily Reminder for the One I Luv...

Luahan hati Yannie Daud pada pukul 17:23
Ari tu i got a cute card from UK...of course la from my cayunk.. tak sempat nak post kat sini..arini tengok balik card tu, barula teringat nk share kat sini..hehehe...

Memang best la kata-kata kat that card..

" We say I love just about everyday.
Sometimes the words are whispered as we fall asleep at night;
sometimes they're spoken at the end of a phone conversation or accompanied by a quick kiss as we rush out the door.
The words are always there,
but sometimes we forget to think about
how much they really mean.

Every time you hear me say
those three little words,
I want you to remember that
they're coming from the bottom of my heart.

I want you to remember that I love you
for everything you are
and for everything I am with you.
I want you to remember that you're
the best person I've ever known
and I feel so lucky to have you in my life.

I want you to remember that true love is forever
and there is no love truer than
the love I feel for you.
I want you to remember that you're
the most wonderful thing
that has ever happened to me,

my happy ending,
my dream come true,
my friend and my love
all wrapped up in one.

I love u so much love"

thanks sayang for that card...even that card simple, but the words written are very meaningful to me.. I love you too my dear

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