Sunday, 28 November 2010

I HATE a selfish person!!!

Luahan hati Yannie Daud pada pukul 19:33

A selfish person..they always give us lots of experiences...not the unforgettable sweet memories but unforgettable awful experiences with their very bad behavior.. They don't care what the other people feel as long as they can get what ever they want.. I also know a "girl" that has that attitude..S.E.L.F.I.S.H!!! I hate her so much...
don’t expect that she will help me in return for everything I do for her, but I do expect that she would at least notice and weigh my efforts made to help her and not just take my efforts as granted.
How do you know that your friend is a selfish person???From my reading, they are lots of selfish characteristics..What are stated in the article 100% accurate with her attitude.
1.All selfish people display a very uncaring attitude and a strong “Me first” trait.
2.Another trait which selfish and conceited people show is beingmanipulative, scheming and plotting most of the times.
3. Low self esteem is another characteristic displayed by selfish people that gives them a negative outlook towards life and making themcontemptuous of others in general.

What should we do for the people like this??? Kill them??? hahaha~~

2 comments on "I HATE a selfish person!!!"

Anonymous said...

suler lew....hahahahahaha~
or pulau kan jew PENJUAL PENJUAL IKAN TUUEEEEEEE..... Cepat lew kayew.. LAKI penangkap ikan BINI DIEERRR Penjual ikan!!!!!!!

eiryannie on 1 December 2010 at 12:45 said...

sape yg mkn cili..mesti akan rasa pedas kn???xkn nk rasa manis lak :p

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