Thursday, 10 March 2011

Pergimu Tiada Ganti

Luahan hati Yannie Daud pada pukul 23:31

Aiman dgn kek birthday yg ke 23 (Dec 2010)

Pagi tadi around 920 am, dapat msg dr one of my ex-officemate gtau yang my bestie, Aiman dah kembali ke rahmatullah malam semalam. Bergegas me n Nadya ke HKL..Nasib baik la bos bg excuse..Sampai kat HKL, post mortem baru nak dijalankan...

Sampai di unit forensik, ramai sahabat-handai arwah yang sedang menunggu...Even family member dia time tu ade 4 orang je coz yang lain ade di Kelantan...Alhamdulillah..masih ada kawan-kawan... 

Me,Nadya, Kak Fara, Nida, Anne, En. Afezan n Zul, tggu sehingga jenazah disembahyangi...Alhamdulillah...dapat gak kitorang nak tatap wajah Aiman buat kali yang terakhir..memang sedih sangat2 sebab beliau seorang kawan yang sangat baik..Wajah dia tersenyum je n nampak tenang sangat...

Dia selalu gak jadi pendengar setia. Dia lah peneman kitorang kalau nak tgk wayang ke, bowling ke... last time me kuar ngan dia, gi main bowling kat e@Curve...Pernah tu, me,Nadya n Anne gi uptown damansara, time tu dah kul 2lbh..kitorang call je dia ckp ade kat sane, tup2 xlama lepas tu dia datang..

Ajak la dia gi mane pon, mesti ikut nye..Aiman mmg tak pernah nak sakitkan hati sesiapa..Tadi memang semua yg ada kt HKL tu menangis...Sepanjang hidup dia, dia tak pernah nk buat orang menangis...Sekarang ni baru orang menangis kerana pemergian dia..

Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas roh Ab Aiman...amin... Aiman...Pemergianmu tiada gantinya..Aku takkan lupakan ko Aiman...Aku sayangkan persahabatan kita walaupun Allah hanya pertemukan kita dalam jangka masa yang singkat...

Al- Fatihah.....

Kat bawah ni, me copy petikan berita dari malaymail....

Freak electrical accident claims man's life

Thursday, March 10th, 2011 12:32:00
Freak accident
CHAOS: The snapped cable lying across the road at Jalan Pahang this morning — PIx: ARIF KARTONO
KUALA LUMPUR: It was the last futsal game they played together as a team.
Kamal Amirul Kamaruzaman and Ab Aiman Mohammad were best of friends until an electric cable 'separated'
them last night.
"After last night's futsal game in Wangsa Maju, headed to Bandar Sunway for another game, but we never made it. I never expected that to be Ab Aiman's last game," Kamal Amirul told The Malay Mail.
Freak accident
DANGEROUS: TNB personnel trying to cut the cable at Jalan Pahang
Ab Aiman, 24, a call centre executive with VADS Bhd, was killed after his neck came in contact with a fallen electric cable across the dual-carriageway in Jalan Pahang about 10.30pm.
The incident caused a five-kilometre traffic crawl around the city and Setapak area.
"We were riding along Jalan Pahang on the fast lane with me as pillion. After the traffic light at Titiwangsa, Ab Aiman was trying to avoid fallen tree branches near the divider when and I saw a cable-like object spread across the road.
"Next thing I knew, Ab Aiman fell backward and I felt like something 'snapped' my face. We both fell down from our motorbike. I saw my friend lie motionless a few feet away. Shortly later, a car hit him," said the 23-year-old part-time student.
An eyewitness who worked nearby said he saw the cable drop, hitting the trees at the divider 10 minutes before the accident.
"I called up Tenaga Nasional helpline and was told a team would be dispatched immediately,” said Naim Saharbudin, an operations staff at IktikadRaya Sdn Bhd, a car showroom.
He said after realising the lowhanging cable was a danger to road users, he quickly diverted the traffic to one lane.
"However, a trailer hit the cable, causing it to fall even lower. Unfortunately, a motorcyclist did not manage to avoid it," said Naim.
It was learnt the live electric cable was carrying some 33,000 kilowatts. On closer observation, the support tower on the Sentul side of Jalan Pahang was broken, causing the cable to fall on a large advertisement billboard in front of the TNB substation in the Titiwangsa housing area.
At the Kuala Lumpur Hospital mortuary, Ab Aiman’s family members and friends were in shock.
"I was thinking of calling him and asking whether we could hang out this weekend," said Ab Aiman's sister, Nur Aslira.
"I guess this is fate. When I looked at his body, I could see his neck was swollen, as if it was hit by something. But his face looked calm," said the 33-year-old Pos Malaysia employee.

6 comments on "Pergimu Tiada Ganti"

nadieya said...


i wish u get hear us aiman....
we all love u.....we all gonna miss u and ur nice smile.....

eiryannie on 11 March 2011 at 00:10 said...

we always love u aiman..

ashyrul harith said...

its sad to lose such a friend with such skills and flairs
will always put memories playing futsal together forever and ever
R.I.P Pok chek
al- fatihah

LEZAohLEZA on 14 March 2011 at 10:08 said...

eiryannie : al-fatihah..
xpe ke saye publish cte xcident tu ? saye da tmbh update msukkan link blog kamu bg details info ttg arwah. if, tabole saya delete je entry tu .

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