Thursday, 25 February 2010

GIVEAWAY Baby Cutes Collection

Luahan hati Yannie Daud pada pukul 16:27

Sempena pembukaan Baby Cutes Collection, tuan empunya blog nk bagi adiah2 yg cute-miut utk saper2 yang bertuah yg join dia nyer contest..nk tau ngn lebih lanjut, do visit her blog (click sini)

nk join nyer tak susah pon, tak sampai 10 minit pon...

1. just jadi follower Baby Cutes Collection
2. link her blog in your blog list
3. do entry about the giveaway
4. put banner of Baby Cutes Collection kat sidebar blog korang
5. lastly, mail the entry to her or letak kat bahagian comment kt blog Baby Cutes Collection..

ok...DONE!!! simple je kn ;)

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